NACS invites you to our monthly Virtual Roundtable Discussions

Our next event:
Wednesday, February 17
4:00 Eastern / 1:00 Pacific

Join fellow NACS members to discuss
Virtual features that are available across many platforms and how to choose what is right for the show organizer, exhibitors and attendees

Presented by:
Jen Cafferty, Founder & CEO of The Nourished Group 
Rich Stone, CEO of ACT/ExpoCad


Important Do's and Don'ts for going virtual:

  • What you should be asking your platform provider when going virtual.
  • Issues and benefits of virtual class/educational structures vs a live show.
  • Ticketing on online platforms - integration with your existing programs or not.
  • Pricing ranges and what you really need to know before signing up with a platform - making sure they are getting what they need for the quoted price.
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