About the National Association of Consumer Shows

Your Partner in Consumer Shows

The National Association of Consumer Shows (NACS) was founded in 1988 for the advancement of the consumer (public) show industry and to further the growth and professionalism of those involved in the production of consumer shows. The Association focuses solely on the issues of the public show industry through advocacy, education, and networking.

NACS is a friendly, accessible community in which consumer show producers at every level can learn, build relationships and grow professionally.

Our membership includes:

  • Regular/Producer Members: Individuals directly engaged in the business of producing consumer shows and are associated with an entity that has produced at least one show per year within the last two years.
  • Associate/Supplier Members: Professionals in related industry businesses (facilities, decorators, advertising agencies, insurance companies, etc.)

What is a consumer show?

The primary purpose of a consumer (public) show is to bring buyers (consumers) together with sellers of goods and services. Consumers benefit from a diverse product mix, expert advice, education and entertainment. Sellers benefit by consumer purchases, product and brand awareness, public relations, research and development, and product testing.

A consumer show or public show is an event that serves specific industries or interests, held for a particular duration of time that is open to the general public. They include home shows, car shows, sportsman shows, RV and boat shows, computer and technology shows, craft shows, and many others, large and small.